Exploring our local cafés

It’s no secret that we here at Drew love our food and drink, we’ve reviewed Breakfast Buns previously, and now felt it was about time that we shared our favourite local cafés. Each member of team Drew joined me for a 1-2-1 and a refreshment in a café within a 10 min walk of our EC1 office.

Discover our favourite below: but please remember, all the opinions are our own.

In last place: Kings Bakery

A local Drew fav, normally for a delicious lunch (or cake). I was excited to discover how the coffee was; James not so much. Here’s the rub: the food here is FANTASTIC: super cheap and super tasty. Sadly, the coffee was absolutely dreadful, though the fantastic service more than made up for it.

Purchased: A can of Coke and a latte

Scores (marks out of 5):
Quality of product – 2
Service – 5 (love the staff)
Ambience – 5 (feels like being part of a Martin Parr experiment)
Look & feel – 2.5
Value for money – 5 (cheap as chips)
Total: 12.5

James enjoying the atmosphere

James enjoying the atmosphere

kingsbakery kingsbakeryboy kingsbakerydrinks


6th Place: Fix

Super excited to take Holly to Fix; felt like it was going to be the achingly cool café we’re after. The decor was a ‘wow’ but I’m afraid the service was a wash out. Barely acknowledged to be honest. Shame.

Purchased: One large and one medium skinny latte

Scores (marks out of 5):
Quality of product – 4.5 (the coffee was totally delicious)
Service – 1
Ambience – 3.5
Look & feel – 5 (looked ace)
Value for money – 4
Total: 18

fix fixdrinks

Holly fitting into the brilliant interior

Holly fitting into the brilliant interior


5th Place: JonesTown

This coffee shop is on my way to the office and it’s my favourite coffee spot in the area. However, this time I went against the grain and had a hot chocolate with Shannon for our meeting. The messaging, attitude and down right hilarious newspaper clippings put a smile on your face. The use of lego is extreme as is their tolerance to dogs, thank goodness, as Spike needs a coffee each morning as much as I do.

Purchased: Hot chocolates

Scores (marks out of 5):
Quality of product – 4 (hot chocolates were not as good as the coffee)
Service – 4
Ambience – 3
Look & feel – 5 (totally hilarious)
Value for money – 3.5
Total: 19.5

jonestown jonestowncoppers jonestownfc

One of Shannon's fav coffee spots!

One of Shannon’s fav coffee spots!

4th Place (although this could have won): Counter Kitchen

This is a new kid on the block; only opening its doors in October. A beautiful cafe, really thoughtful interior design, blended with inspirational quotes and yummy products to buy. Nadeem and I thought the atmosphere was really spot on although the seats could have been a little more comfortable.

Scores (marks out of 5):
Quality of product – 3 (normally this would be 5, however on this occasion, we both felt the coffee tasted burnt)
Service – 4.5
Ambience – 5
Look & feel – 5 (really well considered interior)
Value for money – 3.5 (the most expensive bill of all)
Total: 21 (should have been 23)

counterkitchendrinks counterkitcheninterior counterkitchenquote

Nadeem studying the yummy menu

Nadeem studying the yummy menu

3rd Place: Brooklyn Coffee

Although I’ve had lunch in this cafe before, it was new to Rachel. Being a Friday morning we welcomed the caffeine pick me up. A funky cafe in a creative area we were expecting the decor to be eclectic and we weren’t disappointed; old wall paper mixed with brick work and vivid yellow signage.

Purchased: A mocha and skinny latte

Scores (marks out of 5):
Quality of product – 4
Service – 5 (really friendly helpful staff)
Ambience – 3.5 (distracting Christmas music was a touch too loud)
Look & feel – 4
Value for money – 5
Total: 21.5

brooklyn brooklynsign

Rachel getting ready for her coffee fix

Rachel getting ready for her coffee fix


Runner Up: Central Street Cafe

Joe and I hopped literally across the road to our ‘local’ cafe. It’s always welcoming and in the summer has the added bonus of a roof terrace. The staff are always super friendly and if Avocado on Sour Dough is your ‘go’ then this is the place for you!

Purchased: Skinny latte and a chocolate milkshake

Scores (marks out of 5):
Quality of product – 5 (always)
Service – 5 (always)
Ambience – 4 (it was packed and a touch noisy)
Look & feel – 4.5
Value for money – 4
Total: 22.5

centralstreetdrinks centralstreetfood centralstreetinterior

Camera shy Joe

Camera shy Joe

The Winner: Workshop Coffee

Kerry and I visited Workshop Coffee for our meeting. What a beautifully considered cafe; from the friendly, welcoming staff, to the urban decor right through to their simply delicious coffee.

Purchased: Latte & English Breakfast Tea

Scores (marks out of 5):
Quality of product – 5
Service – 4 (they forgot Kerry’s sweeteners)
Ambience – 5 (you could work there with ease)
Look & feel – 5* (fab fab fab)
Value for money – 3.5 (LDN prices but so worth it)
Total: 22.5*

Kerry loves the atmosphere in Workshop Coffee

Kerry loves the atmosphere in Workshop Coffee

workshopcoffee workshopcoffeecups workshopcoffeeinterior workshopcoffeemen

If you’d like us to review your café and you’re in the, or near, the EC1 area: Drop me an email: elle@drewlondon.co.uk

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